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2020 Fair - July 17th - July 25th

2020 Hamilton County Fair July 17th - 25th

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2020 Fair Events

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Fair book cover 2019

2019 Fair Book

The first annual Hamilton County Fair was held Oct 4-5, 1907.  This picture is of the Stanton Co. Exhibit

(Picture compliments of Hamilton County Musuem where it is currently on display.)

Fair book cover 2019




2019 Results


Grand Marshals - Jim & Donna Darnell

 Jim & Donna Darnell

Busy Bears 4-H B-1; Willing Workers 4-H RC-1; Stetson Perry B-1; Brooklynn Raven P-1; Cole Scott B-1; Jarret Scott RC-1; Mason Scott RC-1; Sam Dupree RC-1; Skyland Grain Elevator RC-1; Family Green GC-1; Tori Hill GC-1; Chris Kerr RC-1; Batchelor Family Lampe GC-1; Cozette Lewis P-1; Daryle Lewis GC-1; Neal Libertus RC-1; Hamilton Co Pool B-1; Gavin Westeman GC-1

Float Special Prizes

Fullmer Cattle & Skyland Grain Awards - $200 Lampe/Batchelor Family

Hermana Dairy & KAM Guns & Ammo Awards - $100 Willing Workers

Superior Car Care Awards - $50 Cozette Lewis

Lampe Batchelor Float - 1st placeWilling Workers Float - 2nd placeCozette Lewis Float - 3rd place

Best Original or Restored Vehicle

Davis Motors Awards $50 Daryle Lewis, $25 Superior Car Care

Daryle Lewis - 1956 Ford - 1st placeSkyland Grain Restored Truck - 2nd place

Best Decorated Golf Cart

Jerry’s Golf Cars Awards $50 Callie & Collen Green, $25 Jordan

Jordan with Mader decorated golf cart - 2nd place

Bezona Farms Awards

Best Wagon - $25 Sami Dupree & Gavin Westeman

Best Dressed Pet - $25 Cozette Lewis with Lucky

N Hwy 27 Production Awards

Best Costume - $25 Sami Dupree


Best Horse & Rider

Tori Hill as Little Miss Muffet and the spider

Best Horse & Rider - Tori Hill & Smoke



4-H: Busy Bears 4-H GC-1

Open: Farm Services Hamilton County GC-1; Cozette Lewis B-1; Dalene Lewis RC-1; Ella Maune GC-1; Roy Newman B-2; Sharon Schmidt B-5



4-H-Int. - Collen Green B-1

OC - Sarah Lampe GC-1

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Educational Displays


4-H-Jr. - Addy Salm P-2

4-H-Int. - Collen Green P-1

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Collen Green


AG MECHANICSAg Mechanics Exhibits

FFA: Aaron Bustillos B-1; Roman Bustillos B-1; Jaren Luebbers B-1

OC - Jr. Ag Mechanics - 4-H: Ladi Bustillos B-1

OC - Sr. Ag Mechanics - Kaden Day B-1; Luke Finlay P-1



4-H- Jr. - Sandra Einspahr RC-1, B-1; Calie Green P-1, B-1; Felipe Gutierrez B-1; Jaime Gutierrez P-1; Jozie Luebbers B-1; Addy Salm GC-1, P-2, B-1

4-H- Int. - Addison Dikeman RC-1, B-1; Logan Dikeman B-1; Collen Green GC-1; Felipe Gutierrez B-1

4-H- Sr. - Allyson Corter RC-1; Ethan Horton GC-1, P-1, B-1, R-1; Dakira Limon B-2; Amanda Welch R-1

OC- Pee-Wee - Greydon Einspahr GC-1; Elicia Ibarra B-1, R-2; Bria Luebbers B-4, R-2; Barron Salm RC-1

OC- Jr. - Deysi Asebedo B-1; Paige Haslett RC-1; Brooklyn Lewis GC-1; Jozie Luebbers B-2

OC- Int. - Rebekah Lampe RC-1, B-2, R-4, W-1; Bronwyn Lewis GC-1

OC- Sr. - Roman Bustillos R-1; Mirka Calderon GC-1, B-9, R-4; Hannah Lampe B-1; Sarah Lampe RC-1, B-7, R-10, W-3

OC- Adult - Maria Calderon Part-3, GC-1, RC-1, B-1; Cindy Carson Part-3; Steph Einspahr GC-1; Lora Horton Part-1, RC-1; Carol Limon Part-1; Maggie Milam Part-1, B-1; Nikki Schwerfeger Part-1

OC- Adult 65+ - Jean Bezona Part-1, B-1; Joyce Horning Part-2; Daryle Lewis Part-2; Kelly Mcqueary GC-1, RC-1; Nikki Schwerfeger Part-1

Youth Art ExhibitYouth Art ExhibitsAdult Art Exhibits

Larue Lennen Art Award winnerMartha Housholder Special Award - Jaime G.

Larue Lennen Art Award $100 - Marie Calderon

Martha Housholder Fine Arts winner - Jaime Guteirrez

Hamilton County Historical Society Special Art Sketchbook Prizes - Addy Salm & Kelly McQueary

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cosmosphere prize winner


Ethan Horton B-2; Mattox Swanson B-3

Cosmosphere International SciEd Center & Space Musuem 2 all day passes - Mattox Swanson



4-H- Jr. - Isabelle Battin B-3, R-1; Mia Boy RC-1, B-3; Ladi Bustillos B-1, R-1; Sandra Einspahr B-1; Andrew Kerr B-4; Neally Libertus GC-1, B-1, R-1; Jozie Luebbers R-1; Brooklynn Raven B-2

OC- Pee-Wee - Bria Luebbers B-1

OC- Adult - Natasha Sabata GC-1, B-1

OC- Adult 65+ - Jean Bezona B-1

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Isabelle Battin

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cloverbuds & Keller Day Care


Asher Battin Part-3; Beckett Battin Part-3; Eli Dikeman Part-2; Jace Kerr Part-2; Trent Kerr Part-2; Jaxson Parks Part-2; Barron Salm Part-2; Elias Sigala Part-1; Gavin Westeman Part-1



4-H- Jr. - Ladi Bustillos RC-1; Sandra Einspahr GC-1, P-3, B-3, R-1; Calie Green B-3, R-1; Jaime Gutierrez B-2, R-1, Andrew Kerr RC-1, P-2, B-10, R-2; Neally Libertus GC-1, P-1, B-8, R-6; Jozie Luebbers B-2; Brooklynn Raven B-1; Addy Salm B-4; Heidi Schwieterman B-2, R-2; Sam Schwieterman B-2, R-2; Alyxviah Sigala B-3

4-H- Int. - Addison Dikeman RC-1, B-2; Brandee Garcia B-6, R-11; Collen Green GC-1, P-1, B-3; Felipe Gutierrez B-4

4-H- Sr. - Dakira Limon P-2, B-3, R-5

OC- Pee-Wee - Taegan Cook R-2; Violet Cook R-2; Eli Dikeman B-2; Greydon Einspahr GC-1, B-4, R-1; Landon Englert B-1; Liam Finlay B-1; Coy Harris B-1; Scarlett Hines B-1; Wade Huser B-1; Jace Kerr B-6, R-2; Trent Kerr B-1, R-1; Bria Luebbers RC-1, B-3, R-2; Jaxson Parks B-1; Barron Salm B-2; Steele Salm B-1; Elias Sigala B-2; Raleigh Simon B-1; Rowen Simon B-1

OC- Jr. - Jozie Luebbers RC-1, R-3; Mattox Swanson GC-1, B-1

OC- Int. - Logan Dikeman GC-1; Rebekah Lampe RC-1, B-8, R-2

OC- Sr.  - Hannah Lampe P-2, B-6, R-1; Sarah Lampe P-4, B-20, R-4; Daniel Roybal GC-1, P-1, B-2

OC- Adult - Donna Carr GC-1, P-6, B-4; Crystal Lampe P-1; Natasha Sabata RC-1

OC- Adult 65+ - Jean Bezona GC-1, RC-1

Youth Crafts ExhibitsYouth crafts & ceramics exhibitsHmCoMusuem craft winner

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Crafts - Sandra Einspahr

Hamilton County Historical Society Special Ceramic Prize - Dakira Limon



OC- Youth - Sam Schwieterman B-2



4-H - Jr. - Mia Boy RC-1; Andrew Kerr GC-1, RC-1, P-1, B-5, R-2; Neally Libertus GC-2, RC-1, P-3, B-4; Brooklynn Raven P-1, B-4; Heidi Schwieterman B-2; Sam Schwieterman B-2

4-H- Int. Fashion Revue - Collen Green GC-1, RC-1, B-2

OC- Fashion Revue - Mia Boy P-1, B-1; Jace Kerr RC-1, B-2, R-1; Bria Luebbers GC-1, B-2

T&W Tire Special 4-H Prize - Neally Libertus



4-H- Jr. - Sandra Einspahr B-1; Paige Haslett GC-1, B-3; Andrew Kerr B-3, R-1; Neally Libertus B-4; Jozie Luebbers B-1; Sam Schwieterman RC-1

OC- Jr. - Jozie Luebbers B-1

OC- Adult - Jean Bezona R-1; Donna Carr RC-1, B-1; Margaret Hook GC-1, RC-1, P-1; Joana Rash B-2; Carol Roberts GC-1, B-1; Natasha Sabata B-4, R-1; Sierra Swank R-1

OC- Adult 65+  - Hamilton County Historical Society Display-1, Jean Bezona Part-1, B-1; Margaret Hook GC-1, RC-1, P-2, B-1; Pat Keller RC-1, P-3, B-2; Joana Rash B-1; Jenny Schwieterman P-1, B-2, R-1

Quilt DisplayFiber Arts 4-H Exhibits

People's Choice Quilt - Jean Bezona - Ag Life

Martha Housholder 4-H Special Prize - Neally Libertus



4-H- Jr. - Mark Bontrager R-2; Mia Boy P-1, B-2; Ladi Bustillos P-1; Calie Green B-1; Paige Haslett P-3, B-1; Andrew Kerr P-6, B-4;

4-H- Int. - Addison Dikeman GC-1; Ashlyn Finlay RC-1, P-2, B-2, R-1; Mason Scott P-2; Aaden Westeman P-1, R-1

4-H- Sr. - Ethan Horton GC-1, P-1, B-1; Dakira Limon P-1, B-2; Jayden Mitchell RC-1, B-2; Neally Libertus GC-1, P-5, B-5; Jozie Luebbers P-1, B-3, R-1; Brooklynn Raven B-2; Addy Salm P-4, B-2; Heidi Schwieterman B-1; Sam Schwieterman P-1; Jarret Scott P-1, B-1; Alyxviah Sigala P-1, B-1; Kadee Thomeczek P-1, B-2

OC- Pee-Wee - Jace Kerr GC-1, RC-1, R-1; Bria Luebbers B-2, R-1, W-1

OC- Int. - Rebekah Lampe R-1; Madalyn Schwieterman GC-1

OC- Adult - Marie Cochran R-1; Carol Roberts GC-1, RC-1, B-4, R-1

OC- Adult 65+ - Jean Bezona GC-1; Pauline Fecht B-1; Dalene Lewis RC-1

Food winner - Dakira Limon ExhibitFood winner exhibit - Neally Libertus

T&W Tire 4-H Special Prize - Foods - Neally Libertus

Neal & Connie Libertus 4-H Special Prize - Dakira Limon, Mason Scott, Addy Salm

Red Star Yeast Special Prizes - Rebekah Lampe, Neally Libertus, Addison Dikeman, Ashlyn Finlay


HORTICULTUREHorticulture Exhibits

OC- Pee-Wee - Greydon Einspahr B-2

OC- Jr. - Addy Salm RC-1

OC- Int. - Rebekah Lampe GC-1

OC- Adult - Mendi Battin GC-1; Cozette Lewis B-2, R-2, W-1; Fred Nichols B-2, R-1, W-1; Carol Roberts B-4, R-3, W-3

OC- Adult 65+ - Jean Bezona GC-2; Linda Cook RC-1, B-2, R-1; Dalene Lewis GC-2, B-3, R-1

Schreiner's Iris Gardens Special Prize - Mendi Battin



4-H- Jr. - Mia Boy RC-1, P-1, B-5; Ainsley Buchanan P-6, B-13; Sandra Einspahr GC-1, P-7, B-22, R-3; Paige Haslett P-5, B-10; Jozie Luebbers P-1, B-2, R-1; Gabriel Ruiz B-4; Addy Salm P-3, B-8

4-H- Int. - Bryson Luebbers GC-1, P-1, B-2; Jacqueline Ruiz RC-1, B-4

4-H- Sr. - Allyson Corter P-1, B-4, R-1; Ethan Horton GC-1, P-4, B-13, R-1; Dakira Limon RC-1, P-1, B-7, R-1; Bryson Luebbers P-1; Joe Mitchell B-2, R-2

OC- Pee-Wee - Rylie Devaughan OGC-1, B-1, R-3, Greydon Einspahr P-1, B-1, W-2; Barron Salm ORC-1, GC-1, RC-2, P-1, B-1

OC- Jr. - Jozie Luebbers B-1, W-1

OC- Adult - Ron Berglund B-3, R-3, W-1; Michele Boy ORC-1, RC-1, P-3, B-4, R-1, W-1; Jenny Haslett GC-1; Mallory Horton GC-1, RC-2, P-2, B-2; Maggie Milam GC-1, RC-1, B-1; Kersten Mitchell ORC-1, GC-3, RC-1, P-2, B-4, R-1, W-1; Nikki Schwerfeger B-1, R-4; Sierra Swank P-1, B-3, R-4, W-2

OC- Adult 65+ - Ron Berglund OGC-1, GC-2, P-2, B-4, R-4, W-1; Nikki Schwerfeger Part-1, RC-2, B-5, R-3, W-2; Jenny Schwieterman B-1

Photography Exhibit winners openPhotography Exhibit winners 4-H

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Photography - Ainsley Buchanan



OC- Mattox Swanson B-1



4-H- Jr. - Andrew Kerr GC-1, B-1; Sam Schwieterman RC-1

4-H- Sr. - Ethan Horton GC-1

Wood working exhibitWood working exhibit winner

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Woodworking - Ethan Horton

Wood - N - Post Special Prize - $100 gift cert. - Andrew Kerr


BEEFBeef at round robin

4-H: Mark Bontrager GC-1, 1B-1; Logan Dikeman RC-1, 1B-1; Sandra Einspahr GC-1, RC-1, 1B-1; Brandee Garcia RC-1, 4B-2; Ethan Horton GC-1, RC-1; Alex Housholder GC-1, 1B-1, 3B-1; Cavin Housholder GC-2, RC-1, 1B-1, 2B-1; Easton Housholder GC-1, RC-3, 5B-1; Dakira Limon 1B-1, 3B-1; Sam Schwieterman GC-1, 2B-2; Alyxviah Sigala 1B-1, 2B-1; Margo Stum 2B-1, 5B-1, 6B-1; Miles Stum RC-1, 4B-1; Aaden Westeman GC-1

FFA: Cara Wharton GC-1, 1B-2

Open: Braxton Delzeit GC-1, RC-1, 1B-1, B-1; Evie Delzeit B-1; Eli Dikeman 2B-1, B-2; Greydon Einspahr B-1; Laney Houston B-1; Jace Kerr B-1; Trent Kerr B-1; Braylee Lankford B-1; Waylon Palmer B-1; Emma Simon B-1

Holstein Supply Special 4-H Dairy Showmanship Prize - $50 each - Ethan Horton, Aaden Westeman, Mark Bontrager

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Breeding Beef - Sami Schwieterman

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Market Beef - Cara Wharton

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Bucket Calf - Cavin Housholder

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Dairy Beef - Aaden Westeman

Fair Board Rate of Gain Award - $25 each - Brandee Garcia, Margo Stum



4-H: Heidi Schwieterman GC-1; Amanda Welch GC-1

Open: Greydon Einspahr B-1

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Cat/Pet - Heidi Schwieterman, Amanda Welch

------------------------------------------------------------------------------dog show


4-H: Isabelle Battin GC-3; Felipe Gutierrez GC-3

FFA: Cara Wharton P-5, B-1

Open: Ruth Garcia B-1, R-1; Carla Holland P-2; Cozette Lewis B-1; Judy Schwieterman W-2

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Dog - Felipe Gutierrez, Isabelle Battin



4-H: Isabelle Battin ORC-1, RC-1, 1B-1, 6B-1; Allyson Corter GC-1, RC-1, 1B-1, 4B-3, 5B-2, 6B-1; Addison Dikeman 3B-2, 4B-1; Logan Dikeman 1B-1, 2B-1; Sandra Einspahr OGC-1, 1B-1, 2B-2, 3B-2, 4B-1; Brandee Garcia 2B-1, 4B-1; Calie Green 1B-1, 3B-1; Collen Green GC-1, 3B-1; Felipe Gutierrez RC-1; Andrew Kerr ORC-1, RC-1, 1B-1, 2B-1; Neally Libertus OGC-1, GC-1, 2B-1, 3B-2; Stetson Perry GC-1, 5B-2; Heidi Schwieterman 1B-1, 2B-1

FFA: Cara Wharton GC-1, 3B-1, 5B-1

Open: Asher Battin B-1; Beckett Battin B-1; Shelby Cooper B-1; Greydon Einspahr GC-1, RC-1; Laney Houston B-1; Elicia Ibarra B-1; Jace Kerr GC-2, B-1; Trent Kerr B-2; Brecken Nelson GC-2; Kashen Nelson GC-2; Waylon Palmer B-1; Avery Schwieterman B-1

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Dairy Goats - Neally Libertus Goat

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Meat Goats - Callie Green

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Breeding Goats - Sandra Einspahr 

Fair Board Rate of Gain Award -$50 - Brandee Garcia



4-H: Sandra Einspahr RC-1, 1R-1, 3R-1, R-1, 2W-1, W-1; Brandee Garcia GC-2, RC-1, 1B-3, 2B-1, 3B-1, B-2, 1R-1, W-1; Calie Green 3B-3, 1R-1, 2R-4, 1W-1, W-1; Collen Green Part-1, GC-1, 1B-3, 3B-2, 2R-1, R-1; Dakira Limon Part-2, GC-1, RC-1, 1B-2, 2B-2, 1R-1, R-1; Stetson Perry 3R-2, R-1; Addy Salm RC-1, 1B-2, 2B-4, B-1, 1R-1, 3R-1; Cole Scott Part-1, GC-1, RC-1, 1B-2, 2B-2, B-2, 2R-1; Jarret Scott Part-1, GC-1, 1B-4, 2B-2, 1R-1, 2R-1; Mason Scott 1B-5, 2B-3, 1R-2; Amanda Welch RC-1, B-3,1R-1, R-1

Open: Greydon Einspahr GC-1, B-1; Eduardo Garcia 1R-1; Tori Hill 1B-1, 2B-2, 1R-1, 2R-2, R-1, W-1; Tracy Housholder 1B-3, 2B-1  horse show

Tori Hill Special Prize - Most improved - Sandra Einspahr

Rhinestones N Rodeo Special Prize - $20each - Cole Scott, Mason Scott, Jarret Scott, Amanda Welch, Brandee Garcia

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Mare - Brandee Garcia

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Gelding - Dakira Limon



4-H: Felipe Gutierrez R-1; Andrew Kerr RC-1, B-9; Neally Libertus RC-1, P-1, B-6, R-2; Dakira Limon GC-2, B-7; Stetson Perry B-2, R-2; Brooklynn Raven GC-1, RC-1, B-1; Addy Salm GC-1, P-1, B-4

Open: Jace Kerr P-1, B-6, R-1; Barron Salm B-1

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Poultry - Addy Salm



4-H: Mark Bontrager P-1, B-4, R-3; Andrew Kerr GC-1, RC-2, P-2, B-3, R-1, W-1; Neally Libertus OGC-1, GC-3, RC-2, P-1, B-3, R-1; Stetson Perry B-1; Brooklynn Raven B-5, W-2; Jacqueline Ruiz B-2

Open: Jace Kerr RC-3, B-3, R-3, W-1

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Rabbit - Neally Libertus, Mark Dupree, Jackie Ruiz



4-H: Mia Boy GC-1, 1B-1, 2B-1; Calie Green 2B-2; Collen Green OGC-1, ORC-1, GC-1; Addy Salm OGC-1, ORC-1, 1B-1; Cole Scott GC-1, 3B-1; Jarret Scott RC-1, 1B-1; Mason Scott RC-1, 2B-1

Open: Shelby Cooper B-1; Greydon Einspahr B-1; Brecken Nelson GC-3, RC-1; Kashen Nelson GC-2; Waylon Palmer B-1; Barron Salm B-1

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Breeding Ewe - Collen Green

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Market Lamb - Addy Salm

Fair Board Rate of Gain Award - $50 - Jarret Scott



4-H: Ethan Horton RC-1, 2B-1, 3B-1; Andrew Kerr 1B-1, 2B-1, 4B-1; Neally Libertus RC-2, 1B-1; Addy Salm ORC-1, GC-1, RC-1; Heidi Schwieterman OGC-1, 1B-1, 2B-1; Miles Stum OGC-1, ORC-1, GC-1

Open: Greydon Einspahr B-1; Jace Kerr RC-1, B-1; Trent Kerr B-1; James Miller B-1; Barron Salm GC-1, B-1; Arlo Schwieterman B-1

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Breeding Swine - Miles Stum

Fullmer Cattle 4-H Special Prize - Market Swine - Heidi Schwieterman

Fair Board Rate of Gain Award - $50 - Neally Libertus


ROUND ROBIN  Round Robin Sr Belt Buckle Award

Jr. – Isabelle Battin GC, Addy Salm RC, Jarrett Scott RC

Int. – Collen Green GC, Alex Housholder RC

Sr. – Miles Stum GC, Margo Stum RC 

Justin & Nicole Salm and Brandee Werth Belt Buckle Awards   Round Robin T-shirts

Fuller Cattle and T&W Tire Round Robin T-Shirts to all participants 



Beef - Mark Bontrager

Horse - Cole ScottHerdsman Trophies

Swine - Andrew Kerr

Sheep - Collen Green

Goat - Addison Dikeman

Bucket Calf - Logan Dikeman

Poultry - Stetson Perry

Rabbit - Brooklyn Raven



1st – $250 - Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

2nd – $50 - Hamilton County Hospital

Window Displace 1st place - sheriff's  office #1Window Displace 1st place - sheriff's  office #2Window Displace 1st place - sheriff's  office #3

Window Displace 1st place - hospital #1Window Displace 1st place - hospital #2



1st – Area 51 – UD Diaz, Lili Moreno, Joe Mitchell, Austin Plunkett, Jacklyn Wolf, Itzel Figueroa, Montana Holt, Hayden Weston

2nd – Block Party – Ervey Bustillos, Areia Bustillos, Roxana Pena, Ana Marquez, Keziah Hemphil, Brandon Westeman, Linzee Thomson, Michael Worsely

3rd – Kuder’s Pro Painting – Merlin Kuder, Malachi Lones, Melissa Lones, Amber Rowan, Krystal Bontrager, Luke Bontrager

Brandon Batchelor 1st Place Special Prize - $50 Black Bison Pub gift cert & $50 Northrup Theatre gift card - Area 51

1st – $50 - T-Shirt – Itsy Bitsy Spikers

  Mud Volleyball shirt - itsy bitsy spikers 


CORN HOLE  corn hole

1st – Albert Garcia, Joe Thomeczek

2nd – Rope Vernon, Kyle Dupree

3rd – Zach Gale, Connor Brown

Thanks to Superior Car Care for hosting event.



1st – Lily

2nd – Liam Finlay

3rd - Sheldon

Special prizes Jenn Brand, Ronna Simon, Joy Bezona, Sandy Dikeman & Bezona Farms

Thanks to Joy Bezona for hosting event.



1st – Joe Thomeczek

2nd – Hamilton County Hospital

3rd – Ervey Bustillos

Special thanks to sponsors of cook off and free barbecue - Loder Electric Service,, Syracuse Dairy, Fullmer Cattle, John & Marva Simon, Winner Circle Feedyard, Ark Valley Oil, Syracuse Feedyard, Wheatland Electric, Boarders Inn & Suites, Frontier Dairy, KAM Guns & Ammo, Skyland Grain, American AgCredit, Pioneer Communications, Superior Car Care Center, Dairy Advantage, First National Bank, Hamilton County Drug, Kanco Hay, Midwest Regional Agency, Plum Creek Farms, Rhinestones N Rodeo, RioVista Farms, Scoular, Syracuse Commission Company, T&W Tire, Vicki Valentine, Valley State Bank, Bezona Farms, Bumper to Bumper of Syracuse, Hamilton County Farm Bureau Assoc, Holstein Supply, Keller Leopold, Sarah Schwieterman Agency, Tone-N-Trim Fitness Center, Cousin Eddie's Antiques & Vistor Center, Davis Motors, Frazee Abstract, Genesis Diner, Grandma's Depot House, Hair Creations, Keller Day Care, Q's Corner Daylight Donut, Trail City B&B


RANCH RODEO  Ranch Rodeo 2019

1st & 2nd Tie – OJO Ranch & Circle G

3rd – Syracuse Commission Co.

4th – Half Fast Boys

Special thanks to Syracuse Saddle Club for hosting this event.

Sponsors - Fair Board, Syracuse Feedyard, Ark Valley Oil, Fullmer Cattle, Porky's Parlor, Skyland Grain, KAM Guns & Ammo, T&W Tire, Vicki Valentine



1st – Jordan Phillips, Addy Salm, Neally Libertus

2nd – Stetson Perry, Brooklyn Raven

Special thanks to FFA for hosting this event.



Jean Bezona



Age 4 – Creo Ridder, Trent Kerr, Baylee Lankford

Age 5 – Beckett Battin, Asher Battin, Jace Kerr

Age 6 – Jaxon Parks, Colten Robins

Age 7 – McCoy Kudor, Mia Boy, Lex Lones

Age 8 – Sadie Gould, Isabelle Battin, Easton Housholder

Age 9 – Jarret Scott, Tiana Bontrager, Rylan Bloyd

Age 10 – Mark Bontrager, Sophie Gould, Neally Libertus

Age 11 – Kimber Thomeczek, Mason Scott

Age 12 – Collen Green, Jakenzee Worsley

Special Thanks to Hamilton County Farm Bureau Assoc for hosting this event.



Daryle Lewis #39



PIE - 1st – Emily Cooper – Dutch Apple, 2nd Tie– Elinor Hembree - Chocolate, Candie Southern - Apple Custard, Braden Carr - Maple Pecan

CAKE – 1st – Brandon Carr-Molten Lava, 2nd - Logan Hembree – Peanut buttercup overload, 3rd – Kenna Bloyd – Hummingbird

ICE CREAM – 1st Tie– Sarah Lampe – Toasted Marshmellow, Carol Roberts – Vanilla, 2nd – Rebekah Lampe - Butterfinger

Pie cake ice cream

Sponsors - The Valley State Bank, Fullmer Cattle, Porky's Parlor, Skyland Grain, Boarders Inn & Suites, Hamilton County Farm Bureau Assoc., Holstein Supply, Pioneer Communications, Syracuse Dairy, Westeman Steel, Genesis Diner, Midwest Regional Agency-Stacy Addison


Scoular Logo


2501-3500 – Gerald Bennet

3501-4500 – James McGuire                     

4501-5500 – Albert Waugh

5501-6500 – James McGuire

6501-7500 – James McGuire

7501-8500 – Ronnie Stevens

8501-9500 – Trevor Parker

9501-10500 – Frank DeVall

10501-12000 – Jerry Hurlburt

120001-15000 – Ron Stevens

Special thanks to Stanley Hines for hosting this event.



Tournament 1

1st – Lee Parks / Brent Parks

2nd – Vince Huser / Nancy Simon

3rd -  Larry Simon / Darrell Cook

Tournament 2

1st – Brent Parks / Casey Hatcher

2nd – Don Fellers / Nancy Simon

3rd – Lee Parks / Darrell Cook

Special thanks to Nancy Simon for hosting this event.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Demo Derby 2019


Watermelon Smash – Eric Smith, Andrew Homer, Zach Brucker

Maddog – Ervey Bustillos, Andrew Homer, Heath Schulte

Compact – 1st Marshall Hart, 2nd Ervey Bustillos, 3rd – Eric Smith

Pickup – 1st Andrew Homer, 2nd Justin Lenox, 3rd Zach Brucker

Full Sized Car – 1st Ben Stultz, 2nd Heath Schulte, 3rd – Bondo Jones, 4th Bethany Metz, 5th Zach Brucker

Sponsors - Greg Watson Family, Plum Creek Farms, KAM Guns & Ammo, T&W Tire, Ark Valley OIl, Fuller Cattle, Rhinestones N Rodeo, Skyland Grain, Bumper to Bumper of Syracuse, Superior Car Care, Genesis Diner, Grandma's Depot House



Silver Queen Court 2019

Silver Queen - Violet Jones (second from right in green top)

Silver Princesses - Pauline Fecht (right in blue and white flower top)

                             - Pat Salter (left in yellow top)